EP&T Global

Early Pioneers

Our pioneering EDGE products and services have been developed and refined by our own engineers for over twenty years.

EDGE Intelligent System

An end-to-end solution that can monitor and analyse operational building performance 24/7.

Reporting precision

Customised benchmarking and reporting to improve transparency.


Our market-leading dynamic monitoring system analyses live data – enabling 24/7 monitoring to unlock savings.

The G6

Our g-series meters are the most advanced in the world with a 0.2% accuracy rate.

Products and Services

EP&T Global's suite of EDGE products and services are developed in-house and refined for over twenty years to create trialled, tested and proven solutions. As early pioneers, we bring a breadth of experience to design, project manage and commission our systems to any existing property type or planned development. 

Our approach provides remote monitoring 24/7, providing early detection of operational inefficiencies and consumption hotspots. The ability to collect and analyse information from multiple operational systems and sites onto a single web-based platform – improves accuracy and transparency to significantly improve operational performance and precision. 

The product list below is applicable to Australia only. Please visit the relevant country site for product list relevant to your region:

  Energy & Water Management Systems


  • EDGE Intelligent System
  • EDGE Horizon
  • Data Purity™

 The EDGE Intelligent System is a world leading energy management system developed over 20 years of being at the cutting edge of energy efficiency and improving building performance. It is a complete Cloud Services based modular system scalable from small single meter systems to the largest 300-400 meter buildings whilst achieving high levels of accuracy and Data Purity™.  It is designed to meet the client’s energy efficiency goals and enable reporting to international sustainability and CSR standards as well as improve Billing Management. This system combined with our dynamic monitoring tool, EDGE MARS, has been responsible for delivering up to 25% in energy savings and winning numerous awards for our clients.

  Data collection


  • EDGE g6TM Intelligent electricity meters
  • EDGE g4TM Intelligent electricity meters
  • EDGE g3TM Intelligent electricity meters
  • EDGE SmartComTM Module
  • EDGE wiseComTM wireless, solar enabled
  • EDGE Memory ModuleTM

The g-series meters offer 0.2% accuracy, two months data storage and MID level accreditation ensuring the highest quality of data acquisition for energy and water management, monitoring and billing purposes. Our meters can be combined with other monitoring devices and sensors including the building’s main incoming utility supplies to enable total utility monitoring.

Full parameter data is collected every 1-15 minutes and stored for up to two years. The designer can utilise a number of EDGE modules to create the most cost-effective EDGE Intelligent System architecture for reliable data acquisition. We program our Memory Modules and g-series monitoring devices with our own unique firmware developed in-house with over twenty years of engineering excellence.

  Cloud Services


  • EDGE Server
  • EDGE Software

 The EDGE Intelligent System transfers data collected on site to our EDGE Servers at regular intervals where it is be backed up and hosted online for remote viewing via our EDGE Software platform. This gives client users certainty that the data is secure and available online at any point, reducing the need for local software maintenance and burden of managing the data. 

At a portfolio level, multiple buildings can be managed more effectively by clients and EP&T with the ability to view multiple buildings and generate multi-site reports for CSR and group level reporting.

  Data Purity

As sustainability becomes more critical to the investment and asset management community so does the need for good clean and available data. The sector is moving into a new age of carbon accounting where investors look for green credentials of their assets. EP&T understand the importance of data having assisted the world leading real estate companies achieve No1 in the DJSI and therefore has invested in the unique technology and services required to deliver Data Purity™ - complete data accuracy, resilience and availability. 

By combining EDGE g-series meters, the EDGE Memory Module and the EDGE Servers - three layers of redundancy are created to reduce the chances of data gaps. Should a data gap occur, the data is restored automatically within the system via a self-healing process, or if required data can be repaired remotely by our service team to ensure seamless data provision.

  Dynamic monitoring, reporting & analysis


  • MARS 2 software

The EDGE Monitoring, Analysis & Reporting Service (MARS) is a management process that analyses live data that is collected from the EDGE Intelligent System. It is here where the data is turned into actions through our team of multi-disciplinary engineers translating, analysing and prioritising areas where the greatest efficiencies can be made. EDGE MARS has a number of filters that enable our analysts to identify anomalies and energy reduction strategies.

These items will be alerted to the site team via web-based reporting tool that provides e-mail alerts and a web-based log of activities. Priority grading is achieved by forecasting the ‘cost’ or saving opportunity achieved from fixing the item. A monthly teleconference/meeting will assist the site team with sourcing the root cause of any items flagged and assist in closing them. 

The service also includes a robust CSR reporting platform where reports show progress to date and performance against target. Case studies are produced to engage stakeholders and encourage best practice.

  Sustainability reporting


  • EDGE Environmental reports
  • EDGE Global reports
  • EDGE StarTrack
  • EDGE Dashboard reports
  • Assessment of carbon credits
  • Corporate sustainability reporting

EP&T Global has helped clients comply and exceed operational rating schemes around the world including NABERS and DECs (UK). We also create customised benchmarks and reports for clients who require comparisons by building, portfolio or tenant as well as inform the design of new developments.

Our robust reporting systems are auditable to international Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) and Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) standards. It delivers accurate and comprehensive data to enable our clients and our own monitoring teams to identify solutions together as well as input into CSR and Annual Reports. 

  Energy Engineering Audits & Services


  • Power Factor Correction (PFC)
  • Fine tuning of buildings & installations
  • Circuit tracing using signal injection
  • Power quality audits
  • Electricity, gas and water data logging
  • Energy and water efficiency audits
  • Energy and water saving action plans
  • EDGE Maintenance Module

Our expertise centre on building and energy engineering, where we offer an extensive range of auditing and reporting services. These services can be fully complimentary to the energy efficiency work we do using our pioneering EDGE Intelligent System technology.

  Billing Management


  • EDGE  Dynamic Recharge
  • EDGE Utility Billing System
  • EDGE Billing Management Module 

 The accuracy and consistency of data our EDGE technology produces makes energy billing and recharging possible for landlords and businesses to recharge energy and water costs to tenants and other cost centres in a transparent, fast and efficient way.  The EDGE Software has a powerful tariff engine enabling multiple tariffs to be supported and a number of apportioning methods to be applied.

  Stakeholder engagement tools


  • EDGE GreenEye 
  • EDGE EcoTrack 

Savings data can be used to engage employees and tenants on how your organisation is performing in comparison to sustainability targets.  Both of our products display live savings data in engaging information graphics to raise awareness of efficiency successes. The application has the capacity to display energy and water data in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly formats as well as compare performance by floor levels.

  Waste management


  • EDGE Waste Monitoring System 

Our system helps organisations to accurately quantify their waste data to improve sustainability reporting and encourage waste minimisation and recycling. 

The EDGE Waste Monitoring System involves a ramped weighbridge. When each bin is taken down to the building’s waste collection area it will be rolled onto the weighbridge, identified by bar code and weighed. The information gathered on the weight of the contents of each bin and any additional information on the type of waste or where it originated will then be transmitted to the internet and sent to the EDGE Intelligent System. Data is then processed and detailed monthly operational and global reports are produced.