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我們的客戶於過去六年中, 有五年連續在道瓊斯物業可持續發展世界指數排名首位。


位於倫敦British Land 總部的 York House, 至今節能已達 44%。


British Land新的倫敦地標,Leadenhall 大廈正使用著EP&T開創性的科技。




TORNADO TOWER - 卡塔爾多哈-達到27%省電量, 13 個月投資報酬率-比目標超出預期。



澳洲DIAGEO, 澳洲德意志銀行


澳洲 悉尼,RPAH 醫療中心



Coming Soon: New Product Launches

EP&T Global is set to launch a new range of pioneering products to help their clients achieve further savings. 

EDGE 3 and MARS 3 will become one of the world’s most advanced energy management platforms and will deliver significant operational efficiencies for asset owners and managers. 

The EDGE 3 and MARS 3 technology currently handles 3.5bn sets of data per year for our clients, the new products have enhanced ability to purify data at a faster and more detailed rate than ever before. Using nano targeting technology, EDGE 3 and MARS 3 will have the capacity to pinpoint operational anomalies (eg. Use energy only where, when and what is needed) and notify actions on an immediate basis. The new products are the result of twenty years of award winning research and development that has seen clients:

  • World No. 1 in the Real Estate Dow Jones Sustainability Index for five out of six years
  • Lead the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) for two consecutive years

 They also include the additional benefits:  

  • Real-time detection of energy and cost saving opportunities – enabling optimum building performance 24/7
  • Remote accessibility across all major web browsers and applications. 
  • Data is auditable to Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) and Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) reporting standards. 
  • Comprehensive range of automated reports from single site, multisite to user defined options – enabling extensive data analysis and interrogation at all levels.
  • Capability to interface with existing site based monitoring equipment via HLIs and /or through collecting direct inputs

The products are designed and developed in-house ensuring they are trialed and tested fully to meet specific needs. This is supported by a team of multi-disciplinary engineers in our Remote Operations Centre who provides verification and a management service to help clients to gain significant savings. 

The product will be launched on 1st June. For further information about our forthcoming product launch, please contact the relevant market teams: 

Australia – Steve Meleca – info@eptglobal.com  or + 61 28422 6000

UK – Brett Goodyear – info@eptglobal.co.uk  or + 44 207 831 7511

Middle East –  Max Kraus – info@eptglobal.com or + 61 28422 6000

Asia – Jason Wiltshire – info@eptglobal.com.hk or +852 2831 0999