$100,000,000+ in the last 5 years of energy savings 815,000 CO2 removed tonnes of optimising buildings for a sustainable future We are Environment, Property and Technology

For over 25 years EP&T Global has been a leader in reducing operating costs and carbon emissions in the built environment.

We combine market leading technology, future-proofed performance management processes, and world class engineers to reduce energy consumption for hundreds of large commercial buildings around the globe.

We are results driven.
We are scalable.

0 billion data sets
4.0 million m² of net lettable area
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Flat monthly fees and no upfront capex.
We have built an unequalled track record of success – reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions by an average of 23% for all our clients.

Success Stories

Our Platform

  • Energy + Water Analytics

    By monitoring data from numerous sources within a building, the EDGE algorithms will pinpoint inefficiencies for resolution.

  • Sustainability Reporting

    Receive reports that drive behaviour change – reducing waste to landfill and resulting in lower emissions.

  • Health & Well-Being

    Optimise comfort conditions to align with your tenant’s needs.

  • Building Intelligence

    EDGE’s sophisticated Fault Diagnostic Detection feature uses live analysis of the BMS points at a site to identify equipment faults in the building.

  • Tenants

    Automate consumption reports in sub-leased spaces, allowing you to split the cost based on actual usage.

  • Demand Management

    EDGE can intelligently predict the upcoming demand in a building using various factors and notify your team in advance.

Helping Our Clients Win

Our clients are regular winners of the World’s most prestigious energy efficiency and sustainability awards. Over the last 3 years multiple clients have achieved 6 Star NABERS ratings for their properties. We’re proud of the role we played partnering with owners, operators and occupiers alike.

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