Smart Building Big Data Analytics

Over the last 27 years of EP&T Global’s operation we have collected billions of data points from the built environment.

Around the world these places include commercial buildings, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, clubs and many others. All the information regarding heating, cooling, water consumption, occupancy and energy use is nothing without the means to aggregate and analyse what it means.

Knowledge is power, but it is what you do with it that counts.

Our EDGE platform is the brains behind our smart building big data analytics. EDGE provides our technical services teams with the capability to make timely and precise recommendations to our clients so that they can achieve their business, environmental and sustainability goals.

Human needs drive the outcomes of our analytics. These needs are constantly changing and are a direct influence on the building energy management solutions we provide. The SaaS model that sits at the heart of our process means that not only are our clients making the most of our proprietary smart building big data analytics, they’re also getting the best value for money.