For over 9 years, EP&T Global has provided its technology and expertise  to reduce energy costs and emissions for Australian Clubs.

Clubs around Australia all have something in common – a strong community purpose. In various  ways they bring people together, support community and charity groups, sports teams, schools,  returned servicemen and women, among others.

At this moment across 18 individual properties…

net lettable area 158,556
savings on electricity costs 21.6%
over the last 5 years saved club clients over A$12.5 Million
volume of water saved 54,000 KL
average working partnership 6.5 years

“Many clubs do a great job at contributing to their local communities through grants and donations and in-kind contributions. Many also engage with local councils or other groups to understand community priorities. Some clubs also participate in programs to address issues of community concern, for example domestic violence. These activities are all part of addressing their social responsibilities.”

ClubsNSW Best Practice Guide

In their Best Practice Guide, ClubsNSW outlines that clubs have a responsibility to prevent pollution,  use resources sustainably (such as energy and water efficiency), adapt to or address  climate change, and protect the environment.

A partnership with EP&T Global has a 2-fold benefit of energy cost reduction and  environmental benefits. Our EDGE Intelligent System supports our expert engineers,  providing deep analytical capability and informing significant positive changes to  building management.

Photos courtesty of Liverpool Catholic Club

Photos courtesty of Hornsby RSL