Our revolutionary EDGE technology has evolved for over 25 years to become a next generation operational efficiency tool.

Leveraging machine learning with real-time IoT data, the EDGE Intelligent System identifies opportunities to reduce energy consumption within your building.

EDGE collects, processes, analyses, visualises and interprets billions of sets of data per year to save you money and optimise the environmental performance of buildings 24/7.

  • Energy & Water Analytics

    By monitoring data from numerous sources at a site, the EDGE algorithms will highlight where inefficiencies are occurring. Through intelligent analysis of historical as well as ongoing data, the platform helps you to understand the effect these inefficiencies have on utility consumption and recommends new operational strategies that will lead to further savings.

    You can prioritise maintenance cycles and focus on the issues with the biggest impact on a site’s expenditure. Plus, with always-on technology, we can quickly identify any irregular equipment behaviour and notify your teams immediately.

    Water usage is also an increasing focus for our customers. The EDGE platform gives visibility to water wastage that is impacting your costs and consuming a precious resource.

  • Sustainability Reporting

    Receive reports ranging from easy-to-understand monthly consumption breakdowns, to more sophisticated ‘similar period’, temperature and humidity reports that explore the change in consumption with respect to ambient conditions.

    In addition, accurately quantify the total waste streams within your building and establish the origins of site waste. The compiling of data reports will drive behaviour change, lower emissions and reduce waste to landfill.

  • Building Intelligence

    EDGE’s Fault Diagnostic Detection feature uses live analysis of the BMS points at a site to identify equipment faults in the building.

    EDGE software enables a proactive approach to building management, recommending equipment maintenance when necessary, rather than scheduled – resulting in reduced occupier complaints, fewer plant breakdowns and improved comfort levels.

    You can also report on faults such as equipment failure directly from your app, receive automated alerts and track the progress of critical and non-critical faults.

    EDGE algorithms can also predict the real-life expectancy of a mechanical plant based on the actual level of equipment usage, aiding budget planning.

  • Demand Management

    Optimise system operations by reviewing building demand profiles captured by the EDGE analytics.

    EDGE can intelligently predict the upcoming demand in a building using various factors such as ambient conditions, weather predictions, historical operations and billing analysis. It then notifies your teams in advance if the maximum electricity demand is about to be exceeded. This enables the team to take preventive measures to arrest the increasing electricity demand at a site and ensures that the electricity demand component in the electricity bill is always kept at a minimum.

  • Tenants

    The EDGE platform makes identifying tenant expenditures in a large-scale property easy. Using the various reporting tools in EDGE, clients can automate consumption reports in sub-leased spaces, allowing you to split the cost based on actual usage rather than guessing.

    Proving invaluable for retail shopping centre owners, the EDGE tariff engine also provides automated invoicing of tenant consumption, which is especially useful for extended trading back-charging.

  • Health & Wellbeing

    Ensure an exceptional user experience within your building by optimising the comfort conditions to align with your tenant’s needs.

    The ability to monitor indoor air quality allows a healthy environment is always kept, whilst also improving a building’s NABERS IE rating. Plus, it keeps occupiers and tenants at their productive best.